Opensimworld for Second Life Users (Work in Progress)

Opensimworld has pretty much the same look-and-feel as Second Life. There are some important differences to be aware of upfront, listed below.


One of the essential things to understand is that Opensimworld is a hyper grid of hundreds of independently open-source grids made up of one or more regions, while Second Life is one giant grid made up of thousands of regions owned by one corporation, 


Your inventory is stored in your home grid's asset database. When you acquire anything off Twilight Grid it will put in My Suitcase in your inventory. You should leave it in your suitcase until you get back to Twilight Grid. Changing clothes when you are off the Twilight grid may have unexpected results when you teleport home..


In OS there is an additional type of teleporting in OpenSim. 

Intra-Region & Inter-Region:

    Teleporting between regions in the same grid or within the same region is the same as teleporting in Second Life.


      In OpenSim you can also Teleport between regions on different grids. This can be done using a HyperGrid Landmark or pasting a HyoerGrid address into your map. You can also use Opensimworld Teleporter to find and teleport active regions on other grids or use the OpenSimWorld website to search for other regions.


Most things in OpenSim are free, For things that aren't, Twilight Grid supports Gloebit Currency (G$). There are several different currencies in Opensimworld. Not all grids use a currency.


Both SL and OS have many diverse communities. Some of the grids in the OpenSimWorld HyperGrid may be themed and have special rules or required role play. Some grids are nonprofit and some are not. 


LSL  Linden Scripting Language from Second Life 

OSL Opensim Scripting Language